Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big Ketch

The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill on UrbanspoonThe Big Ketch

Past experience has shown me even though many see seafood as a healthy alternative to red meat, Seafood restaurants themselves don't usually have a lot for the vegetarian.  I have spent many meals at seafood establishments nibbling on iceberg lettuce and free rolls.

The Big Ketch is an awesome exception to this rule!  They have many veggie options including appetizers, a yummy veggie burger, salads (not iceberg!) and several sides.

My favorite appetizer and side item is definitely the Hushpuppies.  Diners have a choice of getting a large or small bowl of Hushpuppies ($2.95-4.95) as an appetizer or subbing them for chips along with an entrée.  These delicious balls of fried bread are made with cornmeal and have a great flavor from the corn and spices mixed into the batter.  This southern girl loves dipping them in the mango-key lime dipping sauce, even more than ketchup!

I had the TBK Veggie Burger ($7.95) "house made with quinoa, grilled corn, beans & vegetables, served with lettuce, TBK sauce and a touch of yogurt-citrus slaw"  This is definitely as standout veggie burger in Atlanta.  I like the texture: it's moist, but mostly holds together, and the slaw adds some nice flavor.  I chose the whole wheat bun for mine.

The slaw that comes on the burger (also available as a side) has a nice light flavor and the veggies are fresh.  I enjoyed that it is made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

TBK Veggie Burger with Chips
Other standout sides include the crispy house-made Jalapeño Potato Chips (with just the right amount of heat) and the buttery spiced Corn on the Cob.

I went with a large group for lunch, however, I hear this is a great place for after work drinks and dinner.  I recommend the outdoor seating while the weather is still cool enough to enjoy it.  The patio also enclosed and heated during winter.

Vegetarian* Items:
Feta & Tomato Salad
TBK Veggie Burger
House, Greek, or Tropical Entrée Salads

*Always check for dairy/eggs/byproducts with you server.

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